Fall Boiler Check

Carbon Monoxide In Your Kitchen

Do you know that you could be getting exposed to deadly levels of carbon monoxide poisoning every day and don’t even know it’s affecting you? Are you aware that being regularly exposed to small amounts of CO (carbon monoxide) can cause serious health risks? Here is some important information about the dangers of carbon monoxide

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Do You Really Need A Combustion Analysis?

A combustion analysis is a critical part of a thorough preseason inspection of boilers furnaces and water heaters. But this essential part of the heating system safety check gets overlooked frequently by plumbers and HVAC technicians. A proper flue gas test finds problems that can get severe sooner than later. Here’s what can happen if

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Combustion analysis test

Fall Boiler Inspection Tips

A fall boiler inspection prevents possible breakdowns and the inconvenience of having no heat on bitterly cold nights. It will help you to avoid having those costly after hour service calls to fix your boiler. Here are some boiler inspection tips that you can follow yourself before you turn on the heat. Boiler Inspection pt1

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boiler inspection

Does Your Steam Boiler Clank?

Does your steam boiler clank? Steam heating is an intricate hydronic system. When there’s something wrong, it makes loud noises! If you have a steam boiler heating your home or building and you hear sounds like clanking and hammering of the pipes your boiler is sick. Here’s some information explaining the causes of steam boiler

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steam boiler

The Seasons Are Changing

If you haven’t noticed, the weather has been progressively changing in Western Pennsylvania. The month of August seems to be extending into the month of September, while October and November are warmer than they usually would be. December appears to be the month when winter finally sets in. With this weather change occurring every year,

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Why Replace Your Boiler In The Summer?

Why Replace Your Boiler In The Summer? Are your gas bills high during winter? I bet that you have been putting off those family vacations because your paycheck is going up the chimney? If you’re always pinching pennies, find out more about the savings you’ll get by replacing your old boiler this summer. You don’t

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Why Replace Your Boiler In The Summer?

Carbon Monoxide Safety Check

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