Boiler feed tank

Are Boiler Feed Tanks Necessary

By Vince Marino | Jun 2, 2024

In a two-pipe steam heating system, problems will happen if the boiler and the parts that make it work are neglected and not maintained properly. What I mean about problems are simple things that make the situation look huge when they aren’t. If your steam system is not heating correctly, and you feel like tearing […]

combustion analysis calibrating barometric damper

Is Your Boiler Spiking Your Gas Bill?

By Vince | Nov 12, 2023

Despite the current inflation we’ve been experiencing for a couple of years, have you noticed an increase in gas cost to run your boiler? Regardless of whether you use your boiler during the winter months, you could be paying double if you have an indirect water heater using your boiler all year long. An invisible […]

Home Inspections: The Critical Need for a Plumbing Review

Home Inspections: The Critical Need for a Plumbing Inspection

By Vince Marino | Jun 26, 2023

While home inspectors are invaluable for providing an overall assessment of a home, they may not have the same depth of expertise in plumbing systems that a professional plumber has. As a Licensed Master Plumber with over 30 years of experience, my specialized plumbing inspection services can add significant value to your home-buying process, complementing […]

What is high draft?   

By Vince | Mar 11, 2023

Combustion gas spillage out of any fossil fuel-burning appliance is dangerous. Depending on the home or building situation, spillage can happen in a couple ways. Many HVAC technicians who service heating equipment miss this problem. I’ve witnessed it on the job quite a few times first hand. Recently I came across a Valiant natural gas […]

Carbon Monoxide In Your Kitchen

By Vince Marino | Jun 5, 2022

Do you know that you could be getting exposed to deadly levels of carbon monoxide poisoning every day and don’t even know it’s affecting you? Are you aware that being regularly exposed to small amounts of CO (carbon monoxide) can cause serious health risks? Here is some important information about the dangers of carbon monoxide […]

Combustion analysis test

Do You Really Need A Combustion Analysis?

By Vince Marino | Dec 1, 2021

A combustion analysis is a critical part of a thorough preseason inspection of boilers furnaces and water heaters. But this essential part of the heating system safety check gets overlooked frequently by plumbers and HVAC technicians. A proper flue gas test finds problems that can get severe sooner than later. Here’s what can happen if […]

Toilet Seat Bidet Kits – Are They Safe?

By Vince Marino | Jun 17, 2021

Have you been thinking about buying one of those toilet seat bidet conversion kits so yo can have a fancy multi function toilet? Think again before you decide to buy one and install it yourself. There is a very serious problem with the toilet seat bidet and without knowing this information, you and your family’s […]

New water heater

Are Plumbing Inspections Legit?

By Vince Marino | Dec 28, 2020

If a licensed plumber is hired to do plumbing work, there are no possible ways flaws can occur, right? Well, think twice. Take a look at some of the screw-ups I stumbled across, and you’ll be surprised to say, what if that happened to me? Would I know it’s wrong? What do I do? Prepare […]

Commercial Plumbing Estimates from Blue Prints

Commercial Plumbing Estimates From Blueprints

By Vince Marino | Oct 10, 2020

I have come across this problem a few times, and I thought preparing a post would assist anyone in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, with speeding up the process for their commercial remodeling or construction needs. The first thing that I get asked is to provide a quote for a small commercial plumbing project, for example, a […]

Carbon Monoxide Safety Check

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