Commercial Plumbing Estimates from Blue Prints

Commercial Plumbing Estimates From Blueprints

I have come across this problem a few times, and I thought preparing a post would assist anyone in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, with speeding up the process for their commercial remodeling or construction needs. The first thing that I get asked is to provide a quote for a small commercial plumbing project, for example, a cafe, restaurant, deli, etc. New business owners often assume they can immediately proceed to call plumbers for estimates. If you’re in the process of having blueprints drafted for commercial work, take a look at this so you’ll save yourself a lot of wasted time and money.

Commercial plumbing approval

Before taking plumbing estimates, the Allegheny County Health Department Plumbing Division plan examiner has to approve any blueprints for commercial plumbing work. That’s the way it is, and there is no beating around the bush about it. First off, the commercial design of plumbing for a blueprint originates with the architect, and he or she has to know the plumbing code to a full extent. They also should know the ADA requirements for bathrooms too. So your architect is the one who starts the ball rolling for you before work begins.

The blueprints are done

What’s next? The next step is after the plumbing blueprint is created and reviewed by the architect, they should submit the plumbing prints to the Allegheny County Health Department Plumbing Division plan examiner for a review and stamped approval. When the prints for plumbing are approved, then you can call plumbers for estimates. The architect should be the one to submit the prints because they may need to make revisions before they can be approved.

What if I already have a plumber?

If you have your own plumber chosen, then he can begin the work by drafting a plumbing plan with an abstract drawing, including all of the plumbing fixtures needed and paying the associated permit fees before he starts the job.

The Cart Before the Horse

I explained it quite simple but that is not what happens and a simple process turns into a big mix up. If you get the blue prints without them being approved, it’s going to cause a lot of wasted time and frustration. Knowledgeable plumbers won’t give an estimate on plans that aren’t approved and here’s why. If the plumbers give an estimate on one set of plans, but those plans need changed to meet code, that can sometimes change the time and cost of the job radically. So you need to have approved plans in hand before getting estimates.

Are you ready to get an estimate?

If you have approved prints, contact Vince for a commercial plumbing estimate. Vince is well versed in dealing with all aspects of commercial plumbing work.

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