Backflow Prevention Testing


backflow prevention testing

What is Backflow and how do you prevent it?

Backflow refers to the flow of water in a direction opposite to the normal flow, into the potable water system.

This can occur anywhere on your property, and could possibly siphon hazardous material back into your potable water supply system including the main water supply. If you are unaware of any potential hazardous cross connections that may possibly be made on your potable water supply piping system have it looked into by calling Vince.

Backflow can happen when there is a drop in correct water pressure somewhere in the system. Even if you have a back flow preventer installed and haven't yet received inspection notice from your local water authority, it is a good idea to have the valve tested at least annually.

If you have any concern about possible cross connections made on your potable water supply system or need  a backflow preventer test done, then simply just call Vince Marino.

Vince Marino Plumbing llc can help you identify and prevent potential back flow problems in order to ensure the protection of your potable water supply system.

Vince Marino Plumbing LLC is licensed, and ASSE certified to perform annual backflow preventer services, including installation, testing, repair and replacement of backflow prevention devices.

Vince can make sure that your property is correctly equipped with the right backflow prevention devices.

To keep backflow valves working correctly and in compliance with municipal codes, they have to be inspected at least once a year. When your system is due for another backflow test call Vince.

Vince does:

  • Back flow preventer testing
  • Back Flow preventer installation
  • Residential lawn sprinkler back flow preventer testing and installation
  • Containment backflow preventer installations
  • Isolation back flow preventer installations
  • Thermal expansion tank installations

Containment backflow preventers are installed right after your water meter. Isolation backflow preventers are installed anywhere on the property where a high hazard water connection is made to the potable water supply of property.

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Vince Marino Plumbing, LLC is licensed, and ASSE certified to perform annual backflow preventer services, including installation, testing, repair and replacement of backflow prevention devices.

Allegheny County Registered Master Plumber, H.P. 1108
Registered Pennsylvania Home Improvement Contractor PA057760

DOT Certified for Gas Line Installation and Repair

NCI Certified Carbon Monoxide And Combustion Analyst Certification #: ‍22‍‍-039‍‍-01

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