The Seasons Are Changing

If you haven’t noticed, the weather has been progressively changing in Western Pennsylvania. The month of August seems to be extending into the month of September, while October and November are warmer than they usually would be. December appears to be the month when winter finally sets in. With this weather change occurring every year, it is imperative that you do the following maintenance work, to protect your plumbing from the harsh weather.

Hose bibbs

Make sure to shut the water off to them, so they don’t freeze, and ensure that the shut-off valves work. Water dripping out of the hose bibb after its winterized means the shut-off valve is faulty.

A leaking shut off valve will cause freezing of the hose bibb pipe and a high water bill. Replacement of the valve is the only cure for the problem.

Garden hoses

Just because you take care of the hose bibbs, doesn’t mean that your garden hoses are freeze free. After disconnecting the hose from the spigot, you want to stretch it out and make sure all of the water gets out of it. Then wrap it in a coil and store it inside your tool shed or garage for the winter.

Lawn sprinklers

The warmer weather that is delaying autumn in Western Pennsylvania can make a homeowner forget to have their lawn sprinkler system winterized. If you are using a lawn sprinkler system that is below ground or above ground, it needs to be winterized by the end of September. Make sure that you have it done before it’s too late.

Down spouts

The weather conditions throughout the seasonal year make leaves, and airborne soil from the ground accumulate in gutters and downspouts. Especially in neighborhoods that have densely populated trees and shrubs. If you reside in a neighborhood in Pittsburgh, which has a lot of trees you can do this simple autumn maintenance.

Before winterizing your hose bibs, take a hose and run water in your downspouts. If they’re clogged, you need to have them snaked out, so they don’t freeze. A frozen rain leader (or downspout) that splits will eventually create a damp basement condition from the overflowing water that seeps through the foundation wall.

Don’t let it freeze up!

If you don’t want to bother doing any of the tasks above and want an experienced plumber to do it for you, don’t worry! Vince will take care of it, click here to schedule fall maintenance service with Vince. A plumber you can trust in Pittsburgh.

Carbon Monoxide Safety Check

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