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Spring Plumbing Tips

Spring has arrived, and it’s time to spring ahead? Although it’s still cold out sooner or later summer will be just around the corner. Here are three plumbing tips for you to follow this spring season. They will help you to avoid significant water damage from occurring in your home. Hose bibbs Follow the three […]

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spring plumbing tips

Which Way Does A Shut-Off Valve Open And Close?

Knowing which way to turn a shut-off valve to stop a sudden plumbing leak is imperative. Hesitation will only make a leak worse and cause more water damage throughout your home if you can’t close the water off quickly! Do you know which way a shut-off valve turns to open and close? If you don’t

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Shut-Off Valve

Holiday Tips To Keep Your Sink Draining

The holidays are just around the corner, and they’ll be here before you know it. Don’t get clogged up this holiday season. Here’s some advice on how to prevent your kitchen sink from clogging on the days you’re going to need it the most.   Does your sink drain? A week before the holidays do this simple

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sink draining

The Seasons Are Changing

If you haven’t noticed, the weather has been progressively changing in Western Pennsylvania. The month of August seems to be extending into the month of September, while October and November are warmer than they usually would be. December appears to be the month when winter finally sets in. With this weather change occurring every year,

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How Pipes Can Freeze

Very cold temperatures will cause pipes to freeze and burst when they thaw out. You can avoid the headache of dealing with frozen plumbing if you take some very simple precautions. Dealing with frozen pipes can be a very big inconvenience. Frozen water pipes can cause a temporary loss of these plumbing fixtures: Toilet, kitchen Kitchen sink Lavatory Laundry

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How Pipes Can Freeze

Carbon Monoxide Safety Check

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