spring plumbing tips

Spring Plumbing Tips

Spring has arrived, and it’s time to spring ahead? Although it’s still cold out sooner or later summer will be just around the corner. Here are three plumbing tips for you to follow this spring season. They will help you to avoid significant water damage from occurring in your home.

Hose bibbs

split pipe

Follow the three instructions below before you pressurize your hose bibbs:

  1. Inspect the pipes leading to your outdoor hose bibs before turning the water on. Also Look for any solder joints that may have come apart or split(s) in the copper tubing.
  2. If everything initially checks out okay proceed to turn on the water to the hose bibb(s).
  3. Check the shut-off valve to make sure that it’s easy to turn on and off and that it doesn’t leak after you pressurize the pipe.

Rain leaders and down spouts

Inspect all of your rain leader pipes that connect to downspouts draining water from your roof. Insert a garden hose into the top opening and run water through the pipe for about 5 to 10 minutes each. In some cases, you may need to push in the aluminum downspout to fit the hose inside the leader pipe. Make sure that the pipe doesn’t overflow. If it does, it’s clogged, and you’ll have to have it snaked out.

Ignoring a clogged rain leader pipe will cause severe water damage and settlement to your home’s foundation. It will also end up creating a damp basement problem that could make you sick from mildew bacteria.

Catch basins

Driveway drains/catch basins always need to be checked and cleaned every spring before the heavy rains start. To make sure they’re not full of leaves left over from last autumn, and full of accumulated dirt/soil visually inspect all of them.

Once you have checked/cleaned, your driveway drain(s) run water through the opening for about five minutes. Make sure that the sewer pipe is fully flowing and doesn’t back up. If you avoid checking your driveway drain and its clogged up a torrential rain storm will flow right over it and flood out your garage and basement area.

Need help?

If you discover split water pipes and clogged outdoor drains this spring, relax and just click here to schedule a service visit with Vince, you won’t regret calling him.

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