Corroded Shut - Off Valves

Corroded Shut – Off Valves

Do you have shut – off valves in your basement that have white and green corrosion on them, or do they look like they leaked at some point in time? If you have shut – off valves that appear to be leaking or corroded, it can turn a simple plumbing repair into a major hassle. Having operational shut – off valves is very important for plumbing system repairs and maintenance. 

What are shut – off valves and why are they important?

A shut – off valve allows you to shut off water to a problem section of your home or appliance without stopping all water at the main valve. Imagine if you get up for work, take your shower, and the water does not stop when you turn the handle. A shut – off valve is a difference between you having water in the kitchen for coffee or not! Having working shut – off valves not only allow repairs to be done but let you isolate a problem without turning your world upside down.

Corroded shut – off valve and pressure reducing valveOld Shut Off ValvePressure reducing valve

Shut – off valves that are corroded usually appear to have a white and green powdery substance on them.

Not only older homes and buildings

Older homes and buildings obviously have old shut – off valves that probably will fail; however, newer homes and buildings sometimes have shut – off valves that will also malfunction. The failure of modern shut – off valves can be a result of several things:

  • Poor brass material
  • Leaky solder joints
  • Internal parts poorly made

What to do if you have corroded shut – off valves?

You ask yourself, “What can I do with my corroded shut – off valves?” You should replace any shut – off valve that leaks is corroded and fails to close off.  Replacing worn shut – off valves before they fail will save you time and money on any future plumbing repair or maintenance.

Ball valves are commonly used to replace worn out shut – off valves, they last longer because they use a stainless steel ball with nylon seat versus a rubber washer.Ball valve design

Shut – off valve inspection or replacement

A corroded shut – off valve left ignored may cause you major problems and waste a lot of your money. Inspection and replacement of plumbing shut – off valves (at least annually) will prevent you from having a major catastrophe.

If you have shut – off valves in your home or building that have white and green corrosion on them, don’t wait any longer. Click here to have your shut – valves inspected or replaced.

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