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Is Your Gas Line Protected From Lighting?

Have you had any past/recent plumbing work done in your home that involved modification or replacement of the gas line? If you had flexible corrugated tubing installed, you could be at risk of having a lighting strike ignite the tube and cause an explosion. Here’s what flexible gas tubing looks like and more about how […]

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Flexible Gas Connectors Can Get You a Red Tag

Are you familiar with what a gas range connector is? It’s the flexible tube in the back of your stove that connects to the gas supply pipe. Today’s post came about because lately I’ve seen more than a few improper gas range hook ups. You’ll want to read it because this can save you from getting a red tag. What appliances use

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How Pipes Can Freeze

Very cold temperatures will cause pipes to freeze and burst when they thaw out. You can avoid the headache of dealing with frozen plumbing if you take some very simple precautions. Dealing with frozen pipes can be a very big inconvenience. Frozen water pipes can cause a temporary loss of these plumbing fixtures: Toilet, kitchen Kitchen sink Lavatory Laundry

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How Pipes Can Freeze

Carbon Monoxide Safety Check

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