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Flexible Gas Connectors Can Get You a Red Tag

Are you familiar with what a gas range connector is? It’s the flexible tube in the back of your stove that connects to the gas supply pipe. Today’s post came about because lately I’ve seen more than a few improper gas range hook ups. You’ll want to read it because this can save you from getting a red tag.

What appliances use a flex connector?

The gas appliances that commonly use a flex connector are gas dryers, gas ranges, and gas log burners (in fireplaces). The sole purpose for using a flex connector is so that the appliance can be moved in and out of its location. For example, ranges occasionally need to be moved out from their position for cleaning. Dryers need to be moved for periodic vent cleaning of lint build up. A gas log burner has limited space on its gas connection, so a flex connector makes it easier to hook it up.

If the appliances mentioned are connected with a solid steel pipe, it would require a lot more skill just to move them in and out of their location.  A homeowner would have to call a plumber every time they wanted to clean their kitchen floor or clean their dryer vent. That could get very expensive.

Red tags!

Red tags are red colored paper notices mandating the corrections or repairs for either gas appliances or gas piping in a home or building. They are left by the gas company customer serviceman with the homeowner or building owner. Usually, the gas company serviceman leaves a red tag when visiting the property for a service issue such as gas leaks, a meter change, or a gas turn on. That means that you must have the repairs completed by a qualified professional like Vince Marino before turning the gas back on.

Red tagged flex connector

Here is a recent example of a violation I corrected. The flex line ran through the floor. The code requires that a flexible connector be attached to the gas line above the floor.

gas connector
Flex connector through floor
flex connector
Flex connector through floor

If your kitchen stove is connected to the gas line like the pictures above, it’s wrong! The reason why is it can be severed from expansion and contraction of the gas line. You should have the gas piping installed to code by having the steel pipe brought through the kitchen floor. Also, a shut-off valve on the pipe before the flex connector is required.

Get it fixed right!

Whether your gas range or other appliances have been red tagged or if you would just like to have it checked out to be sure, Vince Marino is DOT Certified for gas service lines and qualified for gas lines inside your home or commercial building. Schedule an appointment with Vince today.

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