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Holiday Tips To Keep Your Sink Draining

The holidays are just around the corner, and they’ll be here before you know it. Don’t get clogged up this holiday season. Here’s some advice on how to prevent your kitchen sink from clogging on the days you’re going to need it the most.


Does your sink drain?

A week before the holidays do this simple test to see if your kitchen sink drains properly. Fill up the bowls/bowl with water. Time the draining process, if the sink drains within one minute or less it’s open. If it flows slowly, (or longer than a one minute), you have a partially clogged drain.

To eliminate a potential backup during the holidays, you should have your kitchen sink drain snaked out before it’s too late.

Garbage disposals

If you have a garbage disposal, run warm water while grinding up a handful of ice cubes. By doing this maintenance, you will remove any accumulated food matter that has stuck to the inside of the garbage disposal and its p-trap.

Remind yourself to do this every three to six months, so your garbage disposal remains clean on the inside.

Clean off the plates first!

Don’t wash off the following down your kitchen drain:

  • solid food particles
  • thick greases
  • gravy
  • sauces

narrowed down drain


Remember always to clean off food from your dishes, pots, and pans before you wash them. Older drain lines that have a narrower inside like in this picture don’t take much to clog up! Eliminating excessive food and grease from going down the drain will prevent backups.


Kitchen sink screen

sink screen


Drain screens like in this picture are also very helpful in stopping small food particles from going down the kitchen sink drain. Investing in them will help you avoid expensive drain and sewer cleaning maintenance.

Is your sink draining slow?

When it comes to drain and sewer cleaning Vince is a specialist at it. If you’re not sure that your kitchen sink is draining fast enough, or if your garbage disposal is working properly. Don’t wait until Christmas Eve to find out. Click here to schedule a preventative drain cleaning appointment with Vince.

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