What’s a Boiler Installation Cost?

I’m often asked, “What’s a boiler installation cost?” It depends on a number of factors, chief among them is if you want the job done right. Here’s an example of how going with the lowest bidder to save money can increase the costs, time, and headaches to more than double.

I wrote a post a while back discussing why copper pipe installed on steam boilers is crazy. And in that post I showed you pictures of a residential Bryant steam boiler that had been installed with copper pipes! Not only was the boiler installed wrong with copper, but the copper pipe and fittings used were pro press with rubber o rings. It’s arguable that pro press fittings have their place. What’s definitely not their place is how they were used on that boiler.

The hidden costs

To make a long story short the owner was refunded from the company who installed that steam boiler screw up. 6 months ago the owner reached out to me for scheduling the replacement. Yes, I said replacement. There’s nothing wrong with Bryant. It’s a fine company with good products. But replacement was necessary because the dissimilar metals used caused corrosion damaging the unit and voided the warranty. It was entirely avoidable. Hiring a professional gets you knowledge and experience that avoids this.

A job done right

I finally replaced that steam boiler catastrophe with a new Slant/Fin Galaxy GXHA-160 EDPZ steam boiler. Here is how a steam boiler gets installed the right way.

Correct steam boiler installation

Now you can see the only place copper is used is on the make up water supply!

Correct steam boiler installation no copper on pressure lines and avoid dissimilar metals


Use Steel pipe, not copper… There are lots of options when it comes to materials. Meeting the plumbing codes for safety must always come first. But cheaper cost and ease of use are all too often the only considerations for the lowest bidder. As long as their work lasts long enough for the payment to clear, because that’s their only real concern. Buyer beware.

It pays to hire an experienced and knowledgeable professional the first time! You’ll get the most life out of your purchase and not need to pay again to have it done right. Make sure to call Vince first. He’s an expert in steam boiler installation and a Master Plumber with over 30 years experience.

Carbon Monoxide Safety Check

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