Homeowner Tips To Unclog A Toilet

Homeowner Tips To Unclog A Toilet

Here is some information on homeowner tips to unclog a Toilet. Have you ever had a situation where your toilet became clogged? I’m sure everyone has encountered this problem at least once or twice in life. If you have, find out some helpful tips on how to avoid a clogged toilet. And learn how to unclog your toilet without the use of a plunger.

How does a toilet operate?

unclog toilet

Toilet flush by simply releasing the water in the toilet tank. The push of the tank lever causes a flapper to lift allowing stored water to travel through the inside of the toilet tanks flush valve. The water swirls down inside the rim of the bowl causing a siphon to occur.

The siphon forces the waste into the drain pipe by gravity. A fill valve (ballcock) replenishes water inside both the bowl and the tank preparing them for the next flush.

Toilet won’t flush?

A toilet will not flush from any of the following:

  • low water level in the tank
  • the bowl is not replenishing with water
  • jet holes around the rim of the bowl are clogged
  • main jet hole in bowl is clogged
  • foreign matter logged inside toilet trap

Unclog your toilet without a plunger

unclog toilet

Referring to the picture above take a toilet bowl cleaning brush and insert it into the opening of the bowl outlet carefully pushing it back and forth. If the toilet has a minor stoppage, it should unclog. If it doesn’t try a five-gallon bucket of water poured into the bowl slowly, usually at times, this will work out.

Increase flushing action!

Besides, a clogged toilet the decrease of water traveling through the tank and toilet bowl will cause a slow flush. Three things can cause this to happen, and they are:

  • low water level inside tank
  • kinked fill tube is not replenishing water in bowl
  • clogged dirty jet holes

Corrections are:

  • adjust water level a half inch below overflow tube
  • unkink fill tube
  • replace fill tube
  • unclog jet holes with a stiff wire (coat hanger)toilet jet holes

If left ignored an overflow can happen which will cause possible water damage and a mess for sure.

Still not fixed?

If these quick fixes didn’t work, the problem might be a little more complex. Or maybe you just don’t want to deal with it. In either case, it pays to have a professional like Vince handle your plumbing problems. Click here to Schedule an appointment with Vince.

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