It's Spring Again

It’s Spring Again

It's Spring again

It’s Spring again it’s that time of the year to water the lawn, garden, and wash the car. Ask yourself, did I winterize the hose bibbs last fall? Don’t just turn the water on and walk away from the shut-off valve, thinking everything is okay. You want to make sure of a few things first because you don’t want to get soaked, make a mess, or get a high water bill this summer. Find out some helpful information on how to properly de-winterize your hose bibbs.

Visually inspect…

When turning on your outdoor hose bibbs the first time after winter inspect the shut-off valve first. Then follow these steps below:

  • Inspect the pipe that goes outside of your house.
  • Look for any splits in the pipe and fittings.
  • Inspect the hose bibb and shut-off valve.

If there are no splits, make sure you turn the water on slowly letting the water flow through the hose bibb to let any air and dirt out close it off after ten seconds. You also want to look for any potential drips at the hose connection resulting from freezing or worn washer.

What to do if you have leaks?

split pipe

If you have any leaking water inside or outside of your home, you want to close the shut-off valve controlling your hose bibb. If you can’t close off the water at the shut-off valve for the hose bibb, the next thing to do is close the water meter shut off valve.

Get it fixed

If you have leaking hose bibbs when you turn the water on this spring, click here to schedule service with Vince.

Carbon Monoxide Safety Check

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