Why Replace Your Boiler In The Summer?

Why Replace Your Boiler In The Summer?

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Why Replace Your Boiler In The Summer? Are your gas bills high during winter? I bet that you have been putting off those family vacations because your paycheck is going up the chimney? If you’re always pinching pennies, find out more about the savings you’ll get by replacing your old boiler this summer.

You don’t have to rush

Take advantage of the good weather while it’s around and start planning on replacing that old gas hog. Think about it that’s five months for you to shop around and make the right choices. If you don’t want to plan on a summer replacement, consider having an early preseason fall boiler check around August (at the latest). This way you still have some time to decide on replacing your boiler before it gets cold. Here’s why you should do it:

  • you can take your time finding someone to install your boiler
  • you have a better chance of finding a fair quote
  • you’ll avoid the chance of being ripped off

Besides gaining time

You have to consider that you will avoid the worry of whether or not you can get a boiler quickly. Usually, boiler breakdowns during winter can take around forty-eight hours (two full days) to install. It takes time removing the old boiler delivering and installing the new one.

You’ll stay warm

Say it’s mid-January, and below zero, your boiler suddenly breaks because you ignored the warning last year to replace it. Would you want to be without heat?

What if you’re a landlord or a property manager taking care of an apartment building. You know what the tenants will start doing. They will be calling you non-stop all night whining about having no heat.

Warm weather just makes replacement of a boiler a lot more comfortable and convenient for us all.

If it’s not in stock…

Winter has a demand for boilers and furnaces there’s no doubt about it. For example, if your size boiler is not in stock at the supply house you’re going to have a longer wait than you expected for heat. And you’ll have to rent or buy electric space heaters, so you have temporary heat while you’re waiting on that new boiler. Planning out a boiler replacement makes it a lot less frustrating.

If you know that your boiler is on its way out, don’t gamble taking a chance to see if you get by this winter. Because you’ll loose and end up regretting it later wishing that you had it replaced during the summer.

It pays for itself

Here’s the catch I’m sure you’ll like besides the other benefits I mentioned. How about this you get to write off the installation of a brand new energy-efficient boiler as an income tax deduction. What do you think about that!

On top of it, the replacement cost for a new boiler is around ten to fifteen percent lower during the summer. Now isn’t that a bigger bang for your buck?

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Don’t wait!

So why would you want to wait until your boiler breaks down during winter to replace it? That’s foolish wouldn’t you say? Especially when you can just simply eliminate all the hassles about it this summer. Doesn’t it make a lot of sense?

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