Fall Boiler Check

Fall Boiler Check

Do you have a fall boiler check every year? If you have a steam or hot water boiler, there are a few things that need to be checked every year before you just turn the heat on. Avoiding a boiler “safety check” can cost you expensive boiler repairs or even a replacement if you don’t have it inspected annually! Take a look and see what could happen to your boiler if you neglect it.

Late September…

Mid or late September even the first week of October is the perfect time to have your boiler serviced. An excellent service check requires at least a 30 min operation of the boiler, so there is a proper check of all safety controls and the thermostat. By the way, I service and install hot water and steam boilers.

It’s necessary to check your boiler

Having your boiler checked before winter every year is necessary if you’re wondering that it’s not. Avoiding it can cause the following problems to occur and possibly replacement:

  • no heat
  • not enough heat
  • leaking boiler
  • carbon monoxide

Steam boilers need the following checked:

  • water level
  • flue pipe (or exhaust vent)
  • low-water cut off
  • thermostat
  • burners
  • return piping

Hot-water boilers need the following checked:

  • water pressure
  • flue pipe (or exhaust vent)
  • expansion tank
  • low-water cut off
  • thermostat
  • burners

What kind of boiler do you have?

Do you have a steam or hot water heating system? Not sure! You’ll be able to identify very quickly whether you have a steam or hot water boiler by taking a look at the images below:

Hot Water Boiler Installation Pittsburgh
Hot Water Boiler
steam boiler installation
Steam Boiler

Fall boiler service check

A boiler check will point out any potential problems that could lead to malfunction of the boiler during the heating season. Don’t put off having your boiler serviced this fall. Click here to schedule a boiler service check with Vince.

Carbon Monoxide Safety Check

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