Sewer installation

Converting From A Septic Tank To Public Sewer

Sewer installation

Does your home’s sewer system drain into a septic tank? Have you been informed from your local municipality or through a real estate sale matter that you have to abandon your septic tank and connect to the public sewer system? Well, if your home is in Allegheny County and you have this predicament at hand continue reading to find out why you’re required to convert.

Why is this necessary…

If you’re wondering why you have to convert your home’s sewer system from draining into a septic tank, the reason is that the municipality has installed a public sewer system near your home at some point in time. It also is required by The Allegheny County Health Department that all premises must connect into available public sewer systems. The Allegheny County Health Department Plumbing Code (page 23 AC-701.2.2 Public Sewer System Available) goes in greater depth and detail on this.

It’s a Health Hazard

Older septic tanks have a tendency to leak sewage into the ground which eventually can surface and pollute fresh water streams. The contamination of raw sewage causes serious public health hazards for humans, animals, and aquatic life. For more information on sewage contamination read this Pennsylvania Clean Streams Act.

Connecting to the public sewer

main sewer connection


Before connecting into a public sewer system, the old septic tank must be pumped out and filled with gravel, so no remaining sewage leaks into the ground. Then the building sewer (exterior sewer pipe) of the home can be diverted and connected to the public sewer.

Do you have to convert?

If you have been informed to abandon your septic tank, whether you got a notice from your municipality or through a real estate sale proposal, you do need to convert. Click here to schedule an estimate with Vince.

Carbon Monoxide Safety Check

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