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Replacing A Gas Service Line

Eventually, steel pipe natural gas service lines end up leaking. To have an undetected gas leak anywhere in the gas piping system would be very dangerous! If your home has an old steel gas service pipe, you are at risk of having a leak and getting the gas shut off at any time. Take a look at my video to see what is involved with the replacement of a residential natural gas service line.

A natural gas service leak!

Can you picture getting your gas shut off on one of the coldest days of winter for a service line leak! Wouldn’t that be awful? If all of your appliances use natural gas, you would not be able to cook, shower, or do the laundry until the pipe gets fixed.

I did this gas service renewal job last week, and it only took me 2 hours to install the new gas line. If I had to renew this gas line in the midst of winter, it would have taken me an additional 2 to 4 hours longer because of the frozen ground.

Old steel gas pipes

renewed gas service line
Inserted gas service line

Older steel gas service pipes leak because they’re not waterproof. The ground water slowly deteriorates the steel pipe causing it to leak natural gas underground. Usually, the gas company will find a gas leak when they come to read or change the gas meter. It’s standard protocol for any gas company to check the gas pipes for leaks after they read/replace the gas meter.

In this particular case above the gas company came to read the meter inside of the basement and found a leak.

Are your gas pipes newer?

Have you had your gas pipes replaced within the last 20 years? If your gas pipes are over 20 years old, you are just asking for a problem to happen when you least expect it. If the problem occurs during winter, you are going to get double the trouble.

Be safe!

If you have old steel gas pipes in your home or building, especially the outside gas service line have them all replaced. If you wait until the gas company finds a leak, you may end up spending more than what its worth to replace the pipes before they leak.

You’ll be safe with Vince have him replace all of your old gas pipes. Vince is a certified master plumber, and he’s DOT approved to install gas service lines. Click here to have your old gas pipes replaced by a qualified master plumber in Pittsburgh.

Carbon Monoxide Safety Check

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