low cost faucets

Low cost faucets can cost you big bucks!

A weekend project just replacing your bathroom or kitchen faucet could become a nightmare for you if you’re not careful. It’s tempting just to stop at the big box store and grab the low price faucet. Here’s what can happen.

Cheap faucets

low cost faucets

I recently wrote a post about a toilet supply line that was almost a major catastrophe. Here is another similar situation that happened recently to a customer that rents out houses. Luckily their tenant was home to close off the water or otherwise there could have been significant water damage to the property. What caused the leak was a cheap faucet made out of plastic and brass. It came apart at the hot water supply shank where the supply line connects.

supply line

Imagine your taking a nice long shower one morning. Suddenly you hear a “pop” then gushing water under the sink. You jump out of the shower and twist your ankle to find out what’s leaking. It could easily happen and that’s just the beginning of the hidden price you pay for cheap faucets. The water damage could be even more expensive.

Choose the better faucet

When picking out a faucet replacement you want to stay away from the lower cost brands. Most of them have a plastic body concealed with outer brass covering and are not put together very well. A faucet made of solid brass or even having copper tubing joining it together is what you want to look for when buying a replacement faucet.

Also, buying a quality faucet makes the difference between being able to repair the faucet, or replacing a throw away plastic faucet.

Do you have newer faucets?

Did you recently have any faucets replaced? If you did, it might be a good idea to have an inspection to see if they’re the cheap kind. Click here to schedule an appointment with Vince, a knowledgeable plumber in Pittsburgh who you can trust to repair or replace your faucets.

Carbon Monoxide Safety Check

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