Testimonial – 2616

I hired Vince to fix some issues with the shower controls in the condo we own in Pittsburgh. He was recommended to my tenant as an honest and competent plumber. Living in the Chicago area, managing these things remotely can be somewhat difficult. The controls had been installed incorrectly by a previous plumber, and, without opening up the entire wall, Vince was able to triage the situation, explain it to me over the telephone (texting me pictures) and quoting on the project. Everything went smoothly, and according to my tenants, he was very friendly, picked up after himself, and completed the repairs promptly. He interfaced with the building engineer to arrange for water shutoff, etc. He suggested an additional upgrade that would save us further headaches down the road. He also fixed something completely unrelated as a courtesy. I would certainly not hesitate to recommend Vince Marino to others based on this seamless experience.

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